Last summer our Trilogie team was in the throes of handling day to day client business, but we also had the opportunity to act as our own client during the new showroom build out. The project scope was full service; we did design, served as our own General Contractor, and of course, supplied ourselves all new furniture.

Like many companies with new building or expansion projects, we got to experience the not so fun part: backorders, construction delays, punch lists that drag on and on and on. Should it take eight weeks to get replacement handles?

I get it, I do. Everyone is crazy busy, spread thin and time flies by way too quickly. My question is when did it become the norm that delays and punch lists are expected and that while most people don’t like it, everyone accepts it as a necessary evil?

While wrapping up the showroom project we were also delving deep into our rebrand. Part of that process was researching our industry. We sent out a survey to a mix of existing clients, competitor clients, architects and designers, and other industry partners. I made a point of asking what their biggest frustration with our office furniture industry was. Overwhelming, the answers were frighteningly similar: projects not getting done on time and punch list resolution. Seriously.

I saw this a clear opportunity. Instead of accepting these issues as an inevitable reality I decided to REJECT them. Thus, The Perfect Project Guarantee was born.

We guarantee to deliver your project on time, on budget with ZERO punch list. What happens if we don’t? It’s pretty simple:

ON TIME DELIVERY: Missed overall delivery/turnover date gets you a 5% discount on your entire order.

ON BUDGET: If we miss anything on your approved proposal like freight or fuel surcharges, tariff charges or other usually billable items we will take the hit. Once you’ve accepted an order, your pricing is locked in.

ZERO PUNCH LIST: Any punch list item not resolved before we turn over the job becomes FREE.

We believe our clients deserve the very best and if this is a major frustration, we should eliminate it. We aren’t perfect and yes, while we never like it, there will be times when something goes sideways. Think of this guarantee as our way of making it slightly less annoying. So from here on out, cheers to the Perfect Project!!

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