2020, while wild, was also a year of reflection. Like many others, I spent much of my time scouring the internet for cleaning products and researching ways to stay healthy.

Professionally, it reinforced how important it is to create spaces that improve people’s quality of life. I thought endlessly about how to effectively plan space to help its users stay safe and healthy. 2021 is the year to step up implementation, making those spaces even more sustainable and improving life quality through thoughtful design and healthy product selection.

So you can say that I was beyond excited when Sherwin Williams announced the launch of their new Living Well Collection of interior paints with Super Paint technology. While each boasts different cleaning strategies, they help clean the environment around you so you can finally put down your room sanitizing spray.

The Sanitizing Super Paint comes in 540 colors and three different finishes. More importantly, it has technology that kills 90% of bacteria it comes into contact with, including Staph, E. Coli and MRSA, within 2 hours. Even better is that it lasts up to four years with proper care. Can you imagine having this in your office or home and knowing that the space is clean just because of the paint on the walls?

The Air Purifying Super Paint also features a unique technology that helps maintain clean indoor air quality. It helps reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from common building materials such as carpet, millwork, and upholstery. VOCs can cause sinus irritation and contribute to more severe health issues like Leukemia, childhood Asthma and other respiratory disorders. They are also five times higher indoors than outdoors, so any improvement in air purification is a huge plus. Like the Sanitizing option, Air Purifying Super Paint also comes in 540 colors and three finishes.

I am in awe of these innovations and the comfort I get by knowing that a fresh coat of paint can improve the air quality around us and refresh a space’s look. I cannot wait to use this technology somewhere!!

Be well!