Trilogie 30/30 Challenge Session 5: Mindful March

We are at it again for our third year and our fifth session of the Trilogie 30 in 30 Workplace Wellness Challenge!! This time we are switching it up a bit. For session five we are going to have a bit more structure and a generalized wellness theme: Mindful March.

Now that we have a full year of the pandemic under our belts, it’s evident that so many people are suffering from stress, anxiety, burnout, Zoom fatigue, and the fact that we are all just plain OVER IT!
Join us for the first challenge of 2021.

If you want to officially commit to joining us, head on over here and comment on the blog post with your goal for the month. Then stay tuned on social media, each day we’ll post a tip, trick, or mindfulness hack you can use to get back to zen!

The event is finished.