Workplace Evolutionaries January WE:binar – Flow Theory

Kick the new year off right! Join the Workplace Evolutionaries January WE:binar – Flow Theory: how, when, and why individuals, teams, and organizations get into ‘the Zone’


Dr. Weintraub is the founder of the Flow Group, an organizational and business development consulting firm, and has taught undergraduate and graduate students at Hofstra University and the City University of New York School of Professional Studies. For the past several years, Dr. Weintraub has been researching Flow Theory – how, when, and why individuals, teams, and organizations get into ‘the Zone.’

The presentation will explore a holistic perspective of states and traits which contribute to well-being, engagement, and performance at work. Outlining concepts such as grit, mindfulness, mind-wandering, and flow, Dr. Weintraub, will describe how these concepts may be interconnected such that experiencing one state may facilitate or debilitate the ability to experience the others – which in turn affects the way we feel, engage, and perform in the workplace.

The presentation will highlight the existing literature on these constructs, as well as Dr. Weintraub’s research in the field. Dr. Weintraub will describe how participants can develop grit and learn to self-regulate these states in order to leverage their potential benefits and mitigate potential downsides. In addition, Dr. Weintraub will discuss how the current COVID-19 may be affecting a worker’s ability to access these states and potential strategies for facilitating optimal states despite current challenges.


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