CENTRAL EXCHANGE: The Importance of Good Lighting Part II

The remote work option is here to stay and with it comes a whole new source of physiological and mental disruptions and distractions. In our remote working series, we will cover topics and solutions that focus on enhancing acoustic, ergonomic, and lighting to prevent stress, injury and facilitating comfort, productivity, and wellbeing. Light is important for facilitating vision, but did you know it plays a critical role in influencing the human body? In this second Remote Working Series session, we will focus not only on the impact lighting has on our productivity and focus but also on our physiological processes such as sleep, alertness, and digestion.

Join us to…

  • Learn how different lighting affects the human body.
  • Learn how to combat the negative effects of poor lighting.
  • Learn how to set your workspace up with proper task lighting.


The event is finished.