Boom. New year. New look! It’s 2015 baby and we are thrilled to ring it in by rolling out a bold new look for Square One Interiors. As of December 31st 2014 our original logo has officially been retired. Farewell friend you served us well for over five years and will always hold a special place in our heart. Why the change? We wanted a logo and brand that truly reflects our culture and our company personality. Fresh. Energetic. Colorful. Controlled Chaos. We think the new look captures the essence of Square One.

We’re pretty sure anyone who knows us would agree, we are a pretty high energy group of gals. We work to channel that energy into bringing a fresh perspective to every project we work on and cultivating a sense of excitement and fun with the people we work with. Promoting positive energy is so important to us we added it to our Core Values for 2015.

Color? Yes please! Color is such an important part of life. It can impact mood and evoke strong emotional responses. That’s some pretty powerful stuff. In case it isn’t obvious, we are a tiny bit obsessed with all sorts of intense color and wanted to incorporate our favorites in a bold way. Mission accomplished don’t you think?

Is there really such a thing as controlled chaos? Absolutely. Courtnay doesn’t have the title Chief Chaos Organizer for nothing you know. There are a lot of moving targets when it comes to moving and furnishing an office space. We make it our goal to eliminate any stress, chaos, craziness and general feelings of “%@^#&*(!%!& I want to pull my hair out” that can sometimes come with construction, furniture orders, deadlines and moves. This frees our clients time and energy up to focus on what they do best, their job. So behold: a colorful chaotic paint splash neatly controlled and contained within a perfect square. 

So hello world! Meet the new Square One Interiors. We hope you welcome our new look with the same excitement and enthusiasm you have for the new year. We’re super excited about what opportunities 2015 holds for all our clients, business colleagues, friends and family.

Wishing you a year filled with crazy color, fabulous fun and smashing success. Happy New Year!