It’s #WellnessWednesday, and you know what that means. Boom! Lots of wellness tips and easy incremental personal changes you can make that will have a big impact on your long term wellness.

Since this is our first post of the series, and I’m feeling sassy with my post title, we thought it fitting to talk about MOVEMENT in the workplace. Unless you’re living and working under a rock, then you have undoubtedly heard how sitting in the new smoking.

Now the old stoic office chair is being labeled a silent killer. Give the chair a break; it’s not like you’re chained to it. Figuratively maybe. Literally? NO!

There are a gazillion sites that have published details on how much sitting vs. standing/movement per hour. Research suggests 15-30 minutes of standing per hour. Like most everything else in life, what is right for one might not be suitable for another. Test what works best for you! But please don’t go off the deep end. You don’t need to stand or walk around all day either. That causes its own set of problems! Moderation people.

What are some easy ways to incorporate more movement in your day?

If you’re working for a company who’s invested in your wellness by providing ergonomic tools such as sit to stand desks, keyboard trays, monitor arms, task lighting, etc.. USE THEM! Commit to standing during conference calls or when checking email.

Don’t have access to ergo tools? That’s no excuse! Tough love folks. Make it a goal to stand up and stretch or walk around the perimeter of your office. We have a client whose employees regularly take a few laps around their 26,000 office space. It’s super cool to see!

So many options to choose from:

  • Stand every time you check social media
  • Walking to talk to your co-worker instead of emailing
  • Drink more water; thus you’re increasing trips to the bathroom – that’s a two for one!
  • Stand/Move when making phone calls
  • Use a motion tracker to count your steps/remind you to move

See how easy all those things are? We aren’t sharing anything groundbreaking or even new here, just reminding you how effortless it is to make tiny changes to be your best in wellness!

Inspire. Engage. Thrive.


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