Megan Harris WELL AP



Megan is responsible for much of the behind the scenes magic that happens at Trilogie. She manages the design and project management on all our projects!

She is passionate about using the built environment and its furnishings to keep people healthy and takes a holistic approach to her space planning and design. Megan is enthusiastic about working with clients to create fun, functional spaces that support their occupants by inspiring extraordinary work while positively impacting their mental and physical wellbeing.

Megan is a graduate of the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) with a BFA in Commercial Interior Design/Environmental Design. She is also the first Trilogie team member to achieve status as a WELL Accredited Professional.




Describe yourself in one word: Reliable

Interesting things your name spells with letters rearranged:

Without the G, my name spells mean. This is only interesting because I’ve sent emails that I instantly regretted because I accidentally signed off as “Mean Harris”.

Dogs or Cats: DOGS! I have two German Shepherds and they are my favorite!

Reason you get up in the morning: 

Coffee, breakfast, and text message from Courtnay asking me to call her when I’m up and around! 😉

What would you do if you had all the money in the world: Open an animal rescue.

Favorite subject in high school:

Either Foods or Painting. I’m a creative person so I love making things whether it be floor plans, cookies, or candles. I love a good DIY project.

Weights or Cardio: Cardio! I love running, spin classes, and swimming.