Behold! Our Trilogie media empire!! We have a little something for everyone, a blog for those who prefer to read, a podcast for those who like to listen, and Trilogie TV for anyone who wants to watch our live stream Table Talk! 


Our blog is the place we post the latest news from Trilogie, showcase our client projects, and share tips, tricks, and our favorite things related to furniture, design, health, wellness, and any other tidbit we think can positively impact people! Check out our latest posts here.


The Up Down Podcast is a place where business owners can learn how to create kick-ass workspace where their people and their company thrive. Each week Courtnay talks with business leaders from companies who are known for their company culture, are Kansas City’s “Best Places To Work”, or are otherwise KILLING it in their workspace. Listen here.

TABLE TALK on Trilogie TV

Launching February 2021, Table Talk is our new live stream series. Each month, we’ll host a guest panel to discuss topics on the future of the built environment and its impact on occupants health and wellbeing.  Watch here.

A Trilogie Partnership


We love our partnership culture, because teamwork makes the dream work, right? At Trilogie, we have an ongoing desire to build and maintain a partnership culture that is beneficial to all!

Client partners

Clearly, we couldn’t be here without our clients. We aren’t just there for the project, though. We strive to be a long-term partner and team member with every client that we work with. Our goal is to help you succeed way beyond your furniture projects.

Vendor partners

We value our strong partnerships with our manufacturers and other service providers. These relationships help us commit to things like our Perfect Project Guarantee. If we don’t build and maintain strong partnerships with our vendors, then our clients aren’t experiencing us at our best.
Contact us to learn more about building a partnership with Trilogie!

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