People often ask us about that ONE product we always show clients or the go-to favorites we use ourselves. All of us at Trilogie have our opinions and are excited to share the “Products We Love” with you. Twice a month, one of our team members will post one of their favorite products, why they love it, and why you should too!

I have a DEFINITE product I love. My obsession with the Freedom Headrest from Humanscale dates back to around 2008. Not joking, I will not sit in anything else. It’s hands down my absolute favorite task chair on the planet, and believe me, I’ve seen a few during my 16 years in the office furniture industry.

So why? What make this chair so special?

It’s dummy-proof. It’s crazy comfortable. It’s sexy. 😛

Let me break it down:

Functionality (dummy-proof): Seriously. Think about your office chair (or look at the one you’re sitting in right now). Do you really know what all those knobs and levers are for and how to use them? Honestly, me neither sometimes. I love the simplicity of the self-adjusting recline and the intuitive usability of the synchronous armrests.

Comfort: The self-adjusting recline really comes into play here. I lean back, the chair goes back. I sit up straight, the chair goes straight. It offers full back support in real-time movement with your movement. The articulating headrest does the same thing! Sublime ergonomics!

Sexy: Look at it! Sooooo gorgeous in leather.

So there you have it, some quick insight to one of my favs.

Want to try one out? Reach out to any of us at Trilogie and we’d be delighted to set you up with a demo!

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