Courtnay Waitley WELL AP I WELL Faculty


There is a reason obsessed is a word that frequents her vocabulary.

Courtnay is very passionate about the people part of her job. She is obsessed with helping companies design and furnish work environments that inspire and engage employees. 

She has 28 years of client relationship experience, spending nearly 17 of them in contract furniture. In 2009 she started Trilogie with the sole purpose of creating kick-ass workspaces that help organizations thrive.

In 2019 she launched The Up Down Podcast as a platform for business owners to learn from other business leaders on how to cultivate culture, employee engagement, workplace wellness, recruiting, retention, and innovation. 

In 2021 Courtnay is launching a new live stream series called Table Talk. In the new series, she will be hosting roundtable discussions with experts in design, health and wellness, culture, diversity and inclusion, and other relevant topics as they apply within the built environment.




Number of siblings:  Zero, I’m an only child!

Favorite word: Schematic

Guilty Pleasure: Fruity Dyno Bites 

Favorite Cartoon: Tom & Jerry

Dogs or Cats: Cats

Describe yourself in one word: Determined

Favorite Movie: 9 to 5

Books or Film: Books…and clearly Independent Films 🙂

Last time you did something for the first time: Last week! I’m teaching myself all sorts of new recording and video skills!

What makes you feel old when you think about it: The fact that scrunchies are back.