Clue #1: The new name does not contain my first or last name.

This guess has been very popular in various forms: Bradley Interiors, CB Interiors, Courtnay Bradley Design. I am flattered, and that would have saved us from six months of riding an emotional roller coaster (renaming a business is hard work!) however, I didn’t want my name as part of the company name.


Because even though I am the founder, the company wouldn’t be here without our team members, clients, and vendors. We succeed only because of the partnership culture we’ve cultivated over the years and for that I am deeply grateful. Instead of naming the company after myself, we’ve turned the spotlight on the entire group of people who’ve helped get us here.

Do you know what it is? Post your guess in the comments and stay tuned to find out February 1. Remember anyone who gets it right during the challenge receives a bag-o-swag! Good luck.

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