“There are no companies; there are only people.” Wise words from my mentor Sean Stormes.

He is right. Employees are the lifeblood of every company in existence whether it be a two-person startup or a Fortune 500 behemoth. (Have you ever looked at the employee count of some of those companies? YIKES!!)

Recruiting and retaining top talent has become increasingly competitive in recent years and 2019 looks to be no different. Talent Now reports that low unemployment and a candidate’s increased brand awareness fuel today’s recruitment challenges.

There is, however, an underutilized and often overlooked asset that all companies have in one form or another. Office space. That’s right, your company’s physical workspace is a recruiting tool. The design of your office and the furniture in it can attract valuable employees.

How’s that? By integrating thoughtful design that supports your company culture, you’re poised to inspire great ideas and innovation, engage your people with a sense of purpose, and ignite a passion that will reward you with a thriving company. That’s incredibly powerful stuff.

Are you still wondering how to use this excellent tool in real life recruiting efforts? Here are three ways you can implement quickly and easily:

  • First Impressions: Step up your first impression game. Your lobby or reception area is the first thing people experience when visiting. It’s critical this be a positive and uplifting experience. From the person you have greeting guests, to having a comfortable place for people to wait, first impressions matter. Implement a “greeting process” if you don’t already have one. It can include things like a friendly greeting, offering a beverage, or taking someone’s coat/umbrella. If your company experiences a high volume of people that may wait, be sure and have adequate seating or a secondary waiting area so potential recruits can be comfortable. These are super simple things but nice touches.

  • Onsite Events: Show it off!! Open up and host recruiting events, offer your meeting rooms up for outsiders to use, plan an industry panel Q&A forum, organize a local chamber coffee. ANYTHING! Just get people and potential employees into your office space and let them feel the awesome energy your company generates.

  • Balance: Provide and showcase a wide variety of workspace options. Gone are the days of all private offices and you’ve probably seen reports on the increasing backlash of a 100% open plan concept. Like nearly everything in life, it comes down to moderation! Appeal to the different needs of different employees by offering a mix of heads down, deep-work rooms, designated collaborative areas and casual meeting touch down points.

Don’t panic if your office environment isn’t able to currently offer that kind of balanced workspace mix. We get it, and we’ve got you covered! Next week’s post is all about simple tips and changes you can make in ANY office space to allow flexibility in work areas.

Now, go forth, get out there and find your next great employee!

Inspire. Engage. Thrive.