Hint #7: It’s one word that represents our three purpose pillars.

Changing the name of the company after ten years in businesses has been a daunting and sometimes terrifying task. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it has certainly been a roller coaster of emotion. It’s also been excruciatingly frustrating at times. Do you know how hard it is to find a domain name that hasn’t already been gobbled up? Virtually impossible!

This company is my baby, and like any baby, it has grown and evolved over the last ten years. It was important to me that the new name be something that actively represents that evolution and encapsulates the three things that our team deems critical to our clients’ success.

After four months of brainstorming, giddy excitement, frustrated tears and finally the big “Aha!” moment, we felt it in our bones. There are three things that we help companies do:

  • Inspire: we help businesses create spectacular environments that inspire their people to do great things.
  • Engage: we help businesses strengthen engagement with their most vital asset; their people. We help companies provide an atmosphere where their people show up every day, feeling like rock stars and perform meaningful work.
  • Thrive: By helping companies with those first two things they will be perfectly poised to achieve their wildest goals and thrive well into the future.

Think you’ve guessed correctly? Post your idea in the comments or email us at whatsthenewname@sq1interiors.com and stay tuned to find out February 1. Remember anyone who gets it right during the challenge receives a bag-o-swag! Good luck.

Inspire. Engage. Thrive.