The Trilogie Three Pillar Initiative nonprofit makeover is an annual giveaway that awards a reimagined, refreshed physical workspace to a nonprofit organization. The project scope will be tailored to the winning organization’s specific needs and requirements, empowering them to serve their clients better. Potential design items are:

  • A new space plan inspired by concepts in the WELL Building Standard.
  • Interior finishes (paint, coverings, flooring).
  • Light design and fixtures.
  • New office furniture. 


The focus of the makeover will primarily be cosmetic. However, there may be specific scenarios where we would include necessary non-structural construction work, electrical additions, and plumbing related to new fixtures. In any instance requiring these services, we partner with licensed contractors to perform the job. 


The actual renovation will happen in October each year. Trilogie and the winning organization will find a mutually agreed upon weekend where our team can have unrestricted access from 4:00 pm on a Thursday until 10:00 am on the following Monday. The event timeline on the right lists important dates to note for our inaugural 2021 event!


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