Here we go! March 1st is the start of the next Trilogie 30/30 Wellness Challenge!!! It’s hard to believe this is our third year and fifth overall session. And just because we’re getting a little crazy and mixing things up, this time around. 🙂

Now that we have a full year of the pandemic under our belts, it’s evident that so many people are suffering from stress, anxiety, burnout, Zoom fatigue, and the fact that we are all just plain OVER IT!

We usually call on participants to pick one thing they want to focus on for the month. To keep 30/30 fresh for each challenge and help manage the stressors above, we’ve decided to structure this month around a theme.

Introducing: Mindful March

Each day, delivered straight to your inbox, we’ll drop a knowledge bomb, a recommendation, or share a mindfulness exercise you can practice for the day!

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