Hint #8 It’s one word that represents our ongoing desire to build and maintain a partnership culture.

I had coffee with my friend Tom McCoy a few weeks ago and suddenly had an epiphany while we were discussing company culture and employee engagement. During our conversation, Tom said something that resonated with me. He used the term partnership culture.

I love that. It’s true too. There are many different partnerships we must cultivate to be our best selves and do our best work. Our new name represents the three areas in which a strong partner culture will help us do that.

Employee Partners – There is no fiefdom here. Sure my employees sometimes call me Boss Lady, but it’s definitely a nickname. We are very much partners in everything we do. We bounce ideas off each other, celebrate the wins, dust each other off after a setback, and step up for one another when needed. We are a family.

Client Partners – Clearly we couldn’t be here without our clients. We aren’t just there for the project though; we strive to be but a long term partner and team member. Our goal is to help you succeed way beyond your furniture projects.

Vendor Partners – Last but certainly not least, we need strong partnerships with our manufacturers and other service providers. These relationships help us commit to things like our new Perfect Project Guarantee. If we don’t build and maintain strong partnerships with our vendors, then our clients aren’t experiencing us at our best.

We love our partnership culture; because teamwork makes the dream work right?

Think you’ve guessed correctly? Post your idea in the comments or email us at whatsthenewname@sq1interiors.com and stay tuned to find out February 1. Remember anyone who gets it right during the challenge receives a bag-o-swag! Good luck.

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