Now we have TWO big reveals tomorrow!!

Instead of posting the last clue which frankly, would totally give it away, I’m going to let the winner relish in delight and celebrate their superior deductive prowess by confirming our new name tomorrow and announcing him or her as the winner!

There have been so many awesome and many hilarious guesses. Thank you to everyone who has played along!

Here are some of the name we’ve collected via social media and email:

Inspired Interiors, CB Interiors, Square 2, Color Pallet, Synergy, SQ1, Perfect Project, The Chair Bears, Fiero Design, Connectivity, One Cubed, Cobra Kai Interiors, The Space Force, 4 Square, Thrive Collective, Trilogie, Modern Spaces, A-Team Interiors, Real Spaces, Thrive Design, 4 Square, Circle Gets The Square, Horton Hears a Hue, Bradley Interiors, Triangle 2, Quad Colorwerx, Tri-Design Group, T.I.E Interiors, Inspired Space, Thrive Theory


Inspire. Engage. Thrive.